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Buying VHS Tapes, Toys, Comics, Sports, Retro, Antiques...


VHS Tapes - Sealed (unused)

Video games - used and unused

Fast cash on your video items!


Sealed Video:  VHS tapes, Blu-ray, DVD

Sealed Audio: "Long Box" 8 track and Cassette tapes

Video games, Gaming systems: Playstation, Nintendo, Gameboy, Wii, XBox ...

Electronics: Hi-End audiophile (receivers, turntables, speakers)

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We also buy ...


Gold & Silver


Jewelry / Coins / Bullion

Comics / Toys / Sports / Retro / Antiques

See our Buy & Sell List

Pawn loans against jewelry at 3% per month (4 month loan)

We don't buy ...


Electronics: televisions, phones, computers (unless high-end)

Furniture and appliances

Beanie Babies, NASCAR, Winross, Holiday Barbies, Avon

Baby and child items (except vintage toys)

Modern sports equipment

Worn-out, damaged, or heavily used items

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