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Borrow in the Safe Suburbs! -- It's cheaper than you think!


Need cash? We'll loan you want you need. These days it's tough to get a loan at a bank or anywhere else. At Dave's Gold, Antiques, Loan it's easy. Bring in your gold, silver, sterling, jewelry, diamonds, watches, coins, antiques, higher-end collectibles, musical instruments, and we'll loan against them with no credit checks. $100's to $1000's in loans against your valuables.  -- Up to 50% more when you sell us your gold!

How It Works


We do Pawn Loans

    - Asset-Backed Loans (collateral loans against valuable items)

    - Quick & Easy process - No credit checks

    - Safe, clean, and friendly - Private entrance available

    - Located in the safe, upscale suburbs of Lancaster - not center city!

On a $250 loan you would owe $281 at the end of 4 months.

    - 3% interest per month (based on 30 days) / 36% APR

    - $1 Filing  fee

    - Written as a 4 month loan with a 4 month grace period

    - You are only charged interest for the amount of time you have your loan

    - You would lose ownership of your item(s) if the total amount you owe were to

       reach 125% of the original loan amount (a $250 loan would be $312.50)

What We Loan Against


Gold / Silver / Sterling / Jewelry / Diamonds / Watches / Coins / Bullion


Toys, comics, sports, military, advertising, lamps, pottery, and other fine antiques. Collectibles should be of higher value.

Luxury handbags including Chanel, Vuitton, Celine, Ferragamo ...


Musical Instruments - saxophones, trumpets, guitars, amps ...


Loanable items are of higher value, either by themselves, or in groups. This means the Fair Market Value of items should be $250 and higher.


We do not loan against electronics (unless high-end vintage), appliances, or tools

**Send us an email and tell us how much you need, and what you have to pawn.



NMLS #1273628

PA State maximum 3% per month / $1 filing fee

4 months loan term

Loans are based on what you need, and the value of your loanable item (asset).


We abide by:

US Patriot Act / Military Lending Act

Truth-in-Lending Act

Bank Secrecy Act and IRS regs requiring reporting of certain cash transactions

Trading with the Enemy Act and related Executive Orders and regulations

Privacy provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Billey Financial Services Modernization Act

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