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Comics - Golden Age


1938-1955 (10-12 cent cover price)


DC, EC, Action Comics, Detective Comics,

SuperHero, Horror, Funnies, Westerns, Romance, War, Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Adventure, Action, Archie

Comics - Silver Age


1956 - 1969 (12-15 cent cover price)


Marvel, Amazing Fantasy, Brave & the Bold, Tales of Suspense, Tales of Mystery, Showcase, Strange Tales

Comics - SuperHeros


Superman, Batman, Flash, Captain America, Human Torch, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Sub-Mariner


Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk, X-Men, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man



We are looking for high quality, early magazines - 1950's and older. First and unusual issues are best.


Life, Look, Saturday Evening Post, Adult, Playboy, Women's, Fashion, New Yorker



What we buy in books is highly selective!


Children - early Golden Books, Big Little Books


Early, highly illustrated books


First Editions, preferrably with dust jackets






Good Girl, Mystery, Detective, Crime, Horror, War, Spicy, Sci-Fi, Film & Screen


Shadow, Submarine, Zippelin, Amazing Stories, Weird Tales, Black Mask, Marvel Tales

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