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What we are buying ...


Bring in your Gold, Silver, Sterling, Jewelry, Diamonds, Watches, Coins, Currency, Antiques, Collectibles, and Musical Instruments, and we'll make you an offer. We are also actively buying toys, trains, comics, sports, military, advertising, lamps, pottery, doorstops, political ...

WE PAY! -- Gold: Up To $1000 for individual pieces, Sterling: Up to $1500 for full flatware sets, Silver Dollars: Up to 20 times face value, Watches: Up to $5000 for exceptional quality


"Up To Prices" are based on rarity and condition. If common or poor, value will be low, if rare and superb, value could be higher. Above prices are for high quality items.

Precious Metals: We will weigh and pay you based on pennyweights and troy ounces. We pay up to 50% more for gold, and we post our prices daily so you know what you're getting paid.


Coins: We pay based on either the numismatic value of your coins or the scrap value. Currency is based on value.


Watches: We pay based on your watches value.

Don't Gamble on Auctions where you have fees, commissions, and never know if the right buyers are going to show up. With Dave's Collectibles your money is guaranteed!


We will evaluate your items based on the following and make you an offer if interested: Rarity, Condition, Demand

Only bring your things in if you are ready to sell. We do not do appraisals.


We want to do everything we can to meet your needs, but you must tell us what price you want for your item(s) first. We are not in the appraisal business. We expect in coming to our store you already have in mind what you want. So first tell us what you want, and then we will either accept your price, or offer you more if we feel your price is not a fair one. Of course, we can always decline to purchase your item as well.

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