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Auctions, Yard Sales, Consignment, Donations ...


Auctions, Yard Sales, and Consignment take time. Donations get you no cash.

There is never a guarantee your item is going to get the attention, or price, you think it should get at auction.

By selling to Dave's you know what you are getting.

Fast Cash Now!
Fast cash on your newer items!


Dave's will give you an "immediate cash payment".


Yard Sales only happen in good weather.

Donations mean no cash.

Auctions can take up to 6 months to sell your item, and even longer to get paid.

Auctions mean commissions and fees.

We buy items in great shape!


Never used items of all types, or items in great condition, including ...

Electronics: sealed VHS & 8-track tapes, video games, gaming systems, records (rock, jazz, classical), better audio equipment

Tools: higher quality, complete sets, Milwaukee, Snap-On

Clothing: designer, vintage screen print apparel, sneakers

Musical instruments

See our Buy & Sell List

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We don't buy ...


Electronics: televisions, phones, computers (unless high-end)

Furniture and appliances

Beanie Babies, Hummels, NASCAR, Winross, Holiday Barbies, Avon

Baby and child items (except vintage toys)

Modern sports equipment

Worn-out, damaged, or heavily used items

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