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Buying & Selling: Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Jewelry, Coins, Bullion, Watches
We pay up to 50% more for your gold! We post our precious metals prices and give you honest pricing.
Sell us your precious metals in a safe, suburban environment.

Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Sterling


We buy and sell all types . . .

 - 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K gold, 925 silver

 - Rings , bracelets, necklaces, earrings

 - Broken or damaged jewelry

 - Scrap gold and silver

 - Dental gold (must be yellow)

 - Silver coins

 - Gold and silver bullion (rounds and bars)

 - Sterling flatware, tea services, trophies

 - Complete sets of silver plate flatware in original cases

  - Collector silver sets and plates


Diamonds, Jewelry, & Watches


We buy and sell all types . . .


 - Round, Princess, Fancy Cuts

 - Clarity - I and above

 - Color - J/K and above

 - Modern, European, Old Mint cuts

**Bring any paperwork with you


 - Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings

 - Designer  (Ripka, Yurman, Hardy, Tiffany)

 - Antique and vintage jewelry

 - Costume jewelry (better quality)


 - Pocket, wrist, pendant

 - Antique, vintage (1960's and older)

 - Higher-end modern

 - Hamilton, Rolex, Brietling, Howard, Dudley, Longines, Gerard Perregaux, LeCoultre

 - Any designer / battery watches must be either gold, very high quality, and/or rare
- Working and non-working

Coins, Bullion, & Currency


We buy and sell all types . . .

  - US 1964 back

  - Kennedy halves 1965-1970

  - Gold and silver bullion (rounds and bars)

  - US currency (paper money)

Available Silver & Gold Coins & Bullion . . .

American Eagles 

Maple Leafs 


Buffalos 1/2 ozt 




Constitutional/Junk Silver



*We do not ship

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