Don't Gamble on Auctions!


Why take a chance on an auction? There is never a guarantee your item is going to get the attention, or price, you think it should get. By selling to Dave's Gold, Antiques, Pawn you know what you are getting. Try us first for your antiques, collectibles, jewelry, coins, muscial instruments, toys, trains ...

Fast cash!


Stop using auctions -- Get cash now!


Dave's will give you an "immediate cash payment".


Auctions can take up to 6 months to sell your item, and even longer to get paid.

Guaranteed amount!


At Dave's you know what you're getting.


No commissions


No storage fees


No disappointment when you find out your auction item didn't get the attention you thought it should get.


You get to negotiate the selling price.

No risk!


Auction prices are dependent on who shows up.


Bad weather means buyers may not attend.


Only the best items are sold individually. 


Many items end up being lumped together, and often included on the box lot table.


Unfortunately, theft does happen during auctions.